Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

I remember clearly the highlight Scholastic Book Fairs were during the school year when I was growing up. I personally loved being able to get out of class early to go peruse the books at the fair. I even convinced my mom to buy me a few.

Sadly, Scholastic turned down the path of radical ideology a while ago, and these days, they continue pushing anti-family, anti-God messaging.

Recently, on May 21st, Scholastic published an article entitled, “Celebrate Pride With These LGBTQIA+ Books.” The author’s opening two paragraphs read:

Shining a light on LGBTQIA+ characters and life experiences is crucial in ensuring that all students are able to see themselves reflected in the literature they read. It also helps to create and nurture a culture of positivity and collaboration in the classroom and beyond.

These books incorporate and celebrate LGBTQIA+ themes and experiences. They present thoughtful stories around concepts like acceptance, truth, love, and identity. These stories will help young people to connect, build empathy, and learn that everyone’s story deserves to be told.

Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that Scholastic’s mission has changed since I was a student. Scholastic no longer strives to be a source of real learning and imagination for children.

Rather, the company’s new mission is to make sure that students are bombarded with books that “incorporate and celebrate LGBTQIA+ themes and experiences.”

Numerous articles have been written exposing this mission and ideology—especially its effects on impressionable, innocent children. So, rather than repeat this information or focus on the consequences of this ideology, I want to optimistically point parents to a wonderful resource: SkyTree Book Fairs.

SkyTree’s mission is simple and worthy of support: to “celebrate literacy while ensuring that books are wholesome and trustworthy.”

Unlike Scholastic, SkyTree was formed by parents just like you who seek to protect their children’s innocence and contribute to their education.

When you become a donor or host a book fair, you don’t have to worry about explicit content assaulting your child’s mind and heart.

You, as a parent, will be able to rest assured that your child is reading wholesome content that teaches biblical values and appropriately stimulates their wonderful imaginations.

Actor Kevin Sorbo, in discussing SkyTree, states:

This is how we turn the tide in our culture. We will uproot evil and plant the seeds of truth, goodness, and beauty.

No more whining or complaining about our culture.

With SkyTree Book Fairs, we are focusing on offering a solution to the problem. It’s time to act.

This is, indeed, how we turn the tide.

We stop supporting companies like Scholastic and, instead, we give our support to wonderful, God-honoring companies like SkyTree.