Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

Would you be surprised to learn that major diaper companies support Planned Parenthood?

Yes, you read that correctly.

Major diaper companies such as Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, and even Honest donate to Planned Parenthood.

A recent ChurchPop article noted,

Huggies has a history of matching employee contributions to Planned Parenthood. Pampers and Luvs, both manufactured by Procter & Gamble, have actively paid for their employees to travel for out-of-state abortion procedures.

Now, the irony should not be lost on anyone.

Companies dedicated to helping mothers and their babies are directly funding the very organization that is trying to eliminate their biggest customers– mothers and their babies.

You may ask, “Why would companies like Huggies and Pampers risk their profit margins through active support of Planned Parenthood?”

This question assumes that these radical companies have any type of common sense tied to their decision-making.

Bud Light and Target are perfect examples of this.

According to a New York Post article,

Bud Light maker Anheuser-Busch InBev has lost a whopping $27 billion in market value in the wake of its star-crossed partnership with Dylan Mulvaney…

AB InBev’s market capitalization fell to $107.44 billion through the end of May [2023] — down more than $27 billion from the $134.55 billion value the company had on March 31, the day before Mulvaney’s partnership went live, according to Dow Jones Market Data Group.

The same goes for Target. In the first week after Target launched their “tuck-friendly” swimwear and LGBTQ+ clothing for children, they lost $9 billion. A New York Post article noted,

Target said its quarterly sales fell for the first time in six years — a result of customers’ “negative reaction” to its spring “Pride” clothing collection that featured “tuck-friendly” swimwear and LGBTQ-friendly gear for infants and children.

When it came to Bud Light and Target, consumers voted “no” with their wallets.

And now, EveryLife Diaper Company is giving consumers the opportunity to say “no” to the nefarious intentions of diaper companies.

EveryLife diapers boast high quality – they are made with no harsh chemicals and are breathable, ultra-absorbent, and extremely soft for all-day comfort.

Not only are EveryLife diapers high-quality, but they are also high-value. EveryLife believes “every baby is a miracle from God who deserves to be loved, protected, and supported.”

They champion parents as God created them, men and women with specific strengths and roles, and they partner with several pro-life organizations through their “Buy for a Cause” program.

Now, I know what the first question is: are these diapers affordable? Yes, they are!

A pack of 32 Newborn Huggies diapers on Amazon is $9.94, which comes out to $.31 per diaper.

A pack of 192 Newborn EveryLife diapers is $62.99 (subscription) or $69.99 (one-time purchase). This comes out to $.32 or $.36 per diaper, respectively.

With EveryLife, not only are you purchasing an affordable, high-quality diaper, but you are also supporting a company that shares your values and loves your littles.

Say “no” to diaper companies like Huggies and shop EveryLife today!