Written by Alyssa Sonnenburg

Most everyone would agree that sexual ethics is an area of confusion in today’s age.

Can men become women?

Is homosexuality really that bad?

Can I change my gender?

Does sex mean anything, or is it just a bodily function?

All of these questions, and more, surround us on a daily basis and assault our children at every level.

Not only are children bombarded by these questions online through movies, TV shows, and games, but also throughout the government school system.

More than this, these questions are posed to children with no answers. The answer is up to however you feel on the inside – based on your “true self.”

There is no metric or standard by which to rule whether different types of activities or practices are ethical or not.

What are parents supposed to do to fight for holy sexuality in the lives of their children?

Speaker, author, pastor, and Bible professor Dr. Christopher Yuan has much to say on this topic.

From a young age, Dr. Yuan struggled with his sexuality and wrestled with many questions surrounding his desires. Eventually, he lived as an agnostic drug dealer and was deeply involved in the LGBTQ community and lifestyle.

After coming to true, saving faith in Christ, Dr. Yuan understood his identity needed to be in Christ alone, not his sexuality. True freedom comes from one’s identity being in Christ alone and having life in Him. In an interview with Allie Beth Stuckey, Dr. Yuan comments,

How can we go and sin no more if we don’t know Jesus Christ? How can we be set free from our sin– the bondage of sin? God has provided the solution for the bondage of sin and that is life in Christ.

Because of his background before Christ, Dr. Yuan understands on a personal level the questions children and young adults are facing when it comes to human sexuality and its purpose.

In response, Dr. Yuan created The Holy Sexuality Project.

The Holy Sexuality Project is a video curriculum designed with parents in mind for the discipleship of their children on the topic of biblical sexuality. In the same interview with Stuckey, Dr. Yuan states,

Biblical sexuality must be primarily taught, not necessarily in the classroom or the youth group room, but in the living room and the dining room.

The Holy Sexuality Project curriculum comes with twelve video lessons and a parent guide.

It covers questions of identity, desire, attraction, singleness, marriage, gender, and more. All of these questions and topics are addressed from the source of Truth – Scripture.

The Holy Sexuality Project curriculum is gospel-centered and Christ-focused.

Unlike the sexual ethics taught in government schools, your children will come away with true, clear answers about their sexuality and God’s beautiful, intentional design for their bodies.

More than that, this curriculum will show your children what it means to truly follow Jesus concerning one of the most confusing topics of our time.

Purchase access to The Holy Sexuality Project today and equip your children to follow Christ in every aspect of life – including sexuality.