Written by Kenna Rose

Population alarmists have been violently ringing the doomsday bell about overpopulation for generations. For decades, they have been predicting a population boom that would result in famine, chaos, and war, with too many people vying for too few resources. But as generation after generation has marched on with no sign of these outcomes, people have started to wonder. What if we were being alerted to the wrong thing? What if the problem isn’t too many people, but too few?

The creators of Birthgap, a documentary film, set out to warn viewers about the declining population, traveling all over the world to visit and talk to government officials, professors, and laymen. The documentary seeks to answer a series of questions: Do people know about the birth gap? Are they concerned about it? Are they doing anything about it? Should something be done? Why is the birth gap so large?

The data is staggering. Most developed countries have an over 50% birth gap, meaning that there is a ratio of 1:2+ of children born to elderly citizens. If this trend continues – and that is pretty much guaranteed – fewer children will be born and adults will continue living longer. This isn’t sustainable for a nation. When there are more elderly people than working adults, social systems fail. There aren’t enough people to care for the elderly, schools close, businesses start to fail, and as a result, countries decline economically. Using graphs and data, Birthgap presents this worldwide problem with stark clarity.

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Although this documentary is produced from a secular worldview, there is no denying that this problem should concern Christians. It is also a problem that becomes understandable once it is viewed through a Biblical lens.

A question that is frequently raised throughout the documentary is simply, “Why? Why is this happening?” Those to whom the question was posed had a difficult time answering it. But as believers, we know that when countries ‘forget’ God and rebel against Him, they will also despise what He values. We know God values children and that one of His first commands to mankind was to be fruitful and multiply. As Biblical morals decline, leading to the breakdown of the institutions of marriage and family, people increasingly prioritize what they want and feel they need more than children.

Having kids is a blessing, but it also requires sacrifice. Especially in the developed world, those of childbearing age are increasingly focused on self: What I want. What I prefer. What makes me happy. What’s best for me. A mindset like this is directly opposed to a desire for or love of children. As Birthgap demonstrates, the ramifications of this shift in priorities will be devastating.

This documentary is a must-see, so click the link and head on over to YouTube to watch Birthgap!