Self Evident
Self Evident
What Detransitioners Deal With: A Conversation with Camille Kiefel (SE #70)

“Medical care should be objective, but this is completely ideologically compromised.” ~Camille Kiefel

“An increasing number of women and men are moving forward after spending significant time identifying as “transgender.” Name and pronoun changes, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries have had a profound effect on their lives.

While the label of “detransitioner” is commonly used to describe them, the term is a misnomer: there is no way to reverse time or the impacts of these psychologically, socially, and physically life-changing experiences.”

Camille Kiefel is a victim of the medical establishment, undergoing a mastectomy, dealing with intense side effects and accused of psychosomatic behavior rather than being taken seriously. She tells her story to Self Evident in this episode.

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