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Self Evident
The Story of Pastor Steve Cassell (SE #60)

When Pastor Cassell walked into Self Evident’s recording studio, we had no idea what we were in for. Initially, we had extended an invitation to discuss how his church (Beloved Church) responded to Governor J.B. Pritzker’s shutdown of churches during 2020, and why our generation should be aware of government overreach. However, as we got to know him, we realized that his story needed to be shared and his wisdom tapped into.

What we thought was going to be a 45-minute interaction turned into a fruitful, multiple-hour conversation covering a vast array of topics. This is part one of a series you do not want to miss. Pastor Steve Cassell has a jaw-dropping testimony of how Christ has used him to further His kingdom, and we know you will be as encouraged as we were conversing with him. In this episode, Pastor Cassell shares his life story, and the definition of Churchianity.

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