Self Evident
The Influence of Entertainment (Self Evident #37)

Entertainment. It’s everywhere. Talk to a stranger, and it’s a guarantee that within the past 24 hours they’ve either listened to music, read a book, watched a movie or T.V. show, played a video game, or scrolled through social media at least once – if not multiple times. And you know what? We can see how that entertainment affects us in the little, laughable ways – how little kids like to imitate their favorite characters, or how teens and adults like to wear clothing inspired by their favorite franchise, or how they’ll adopt the same tone as the main character for a little bit after the movie is over.

But we can’t always see the more subtle ways entertainment works to change our minds, influence our actions, and affect our beliefs. Stories have power.
Right now America is in the midsts of a culture war that Christians are sorely losing. Entertainment is a key factor in this battle. It’s being used to shape culture and change people’s beliefs. Join Self-Evident as Kenna and Eliana show you just how influential entertainment is – and why it’s so important to watch what you watch.

If you are interested in learning more about this subject, all of the references in the episode are linked below.

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