Self Evident
Self Evident
Ripples: Effecting and Affecting, Modesty Pt. 1 (Self Evident #27)

“A class act is an attractive woman. An attractive woman is a lady. A lady is a woman who comports herself with self-respect.” ~Douglas Wilson

In this episode, we discuss the ripple effect that the clothes you wear have on you and on others.

You might say “how does what I wear affect how I behave?” Well, have you ever gone longer than you should have without food? Notice anything different in how you interact with others and how you feel in general? Same thing with cleanliness, and Bible reading, and how you adorn yourself. When wearing an elegant cocktail gown, you aren’t going to feel very inclined to play rugby or spit on the pavement, and if you’re in pajamas you aren’t very likely to perch on the edge of your chair, primly cross your ankles and pull your posture straight…

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