Self Evident
Self Evident
Biology with Biologists: A Bonus Episode (Self Evident #10)

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.” ~Isaac Newton

To conclude Pride month with pizazz, Self Evident presents this bonus episode of Jenna bombarding two biologists with questions pertaining to what is a woman. The culture today is determined to have every term that defines sex and biology clear as mud. But definitions, by definition, define things.

“They said to ask a biologist, so I asked two.” Jenna shrugged. James Zumhagen holds a degree in pre medicine biology from Governor’s State University, and Tommy Findysz is a high school science teacher at a local Christian school.  Both address issues relating to gender, sexual orientation, the push for transitioning and if one needs to have a degree in order to to speak common sense.