Self Evident
A Psychiatric Evaluation of Community & The Dating Scene (SE #64)

“God built us for relationships, and we need to be in relationships in order to grow, to learn, to practice. . .to have a shoulder to cry on, to get encouragement, to get cheerleading. . .all those happen in relationships and when we lose that relationship, there’s a big void in our life, in that psychological growth process and resiliency.”

In this edition of Self Evident, Jenna, Alyssa & Kenna Rose interview Dr. Karl Benzio, co-founder of Honey Lake Clinic in Clearwater, Florida. As a Christian and psychiatrist, Dr. Benzio integrates faith and science to treat countless people with mental health issues and addiction struggles.

Dr. Benzio shares his passion in this podcast about creating community based in Christ, and provides sound dating advice from his perspective as a father and psychiatrist.