Self Evident
A Modest Introduction... (Self Evident #25)

The title of this episode is actually a play on words. Self Evident is beginning a mini series on the fraught topic of modesty. Think clothes, makeup, the way you carry yourself, your speech–and before your feathers become irrevocably ruffled, hear us out. We know this is a subject that the vast majority of Christendom has been scarred and calloused by, thus many mainstream Christian platforms dance around it with cop outs about “do what you think is modest.” We understand the anger and hurt, and have had our own plumage in disarray over modesty talks and enforcements, so we are approaching the topic with that very much in mind. But the carpet needs to be rolled up, for the floors beneath need a desperate cleaning.

We hope our metaphors make sense and that you’ll stick with us through this series!